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... Things are at least tolerable with Yazoo here now.

P.S If ANYONE tries to take him away from me, I swear it'll be your death warrant!

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Has anyone seen my brothers, Yazoo and Loz around? They're being too quiet.

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Who: Dio & Kadaj
What: Meeting in that room before the ball.
When: Friday Night (Yay backlogging)
Where: See above <.<
Warnings: Probably language?

Sorry for shortness -_-Collapse )

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Don't believe anything that idiot Roxas says. He doesn't know me at all! He's trying to spread rumors that AREN'T TRUE!! Grr, just you wait Roxas. I'm going to do the same exact thing to you!

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Hn. I heard there was a fight the other day. The loser against Reno didn’t even fight back! What an idiot. I think they said his name was Laguna or something.

Hey Laguna, next time Reno bothers you just bring him to me. I scared him on the first day of school! *smirk*. I’m sure we could work SOMETHING out if you wanted a bodyguard (do my homework).

I could use the entertainment. All my classes are boring. I hated cooking today. All we did was go over safety producers, especially about fire. Hmm... maybe I could mess up on purpose! Then they’d HAVE to switch my class.

I don’t like Sex Ed either, I don’t get most of it. Today is gym though, something I KNOW I’m good at. Can you believe it? I’m going to be encouraged to hit others with red rubber balls! This is the only worthwhile class so far.
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COOKING!? I don't even like cooking! And what is more useless than being a library aid?! I want this changed, now.

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Brothers, I didn't want you to go. I wanted you to spend time with me instead. But Mother was right, I have learned a lot of new things at school. Now I know that stupid parties and mindless humans are far more important to you than me! I won't tell Mother because it would only upset her, so be grateful. Just don't expect anything from me, including any ounce of my time or affection. You made your choice.

Enjoy your new friends. I hope they turn on you.

((OOC: It's completely open. He doesn't know/care about making it private or not.))

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