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shadowedlegacy's Journal

22 July 1987
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This is a role-playing journal for dusk_academy by shadowedlegacy.
[FFVII: Advent Children / Kadaj] © [Sqaure-Enix].
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.
Character: Kadaj Jenova
Series/Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Experiment (Human-like)
Sexuality: Bi
Year: First
House: Fenrir -Terrestrial Rage
Room mates: Ven, Roxas, and Ichijou
Family: Sephiroth, Loz, & Yazoo
Kadaj is considered to have extraordinary will power; backed by an intense cruelty. He usually gets whatever he wants. All his motives are for Mother, Jenova. Despite being INCREDIBLY selfish, he'll do *anything* to make Mother happy. He holds great contempt for anyone who was slighted Mother in the past, which means the entire human race. Kadaj only cares for her and his brothers (albeit a bit less). He easily gets bored and finds amusement in other's suffering; even more so if he's the one causing it. Being the youngest, Kadaj has a tendency to act like a child sometimes, throwing brutal tantrums whenever he is in a bad mood. On top of all of that he carries the burden to complete the Reunion. Something Mother and Sephiroth both want him to achieve. It weighs heavily on his mind. Experiences bouts of insanity when one emotion becomes too intense for him, resulting in the lost of his grip on reality; such as attacking his brothers or disappearing for several days.
Around 5'8", Kadaj is the shortest out of his brothers (don't worry, he'll grow ^^). However, he has lean muscles throughout his body. A few of his signature traits (as well as all Jenova's children) are silver hair and catlike eyes. Oval pupils and green eyes; the tips of his tresses just barely reach his shoulders, and about 2/3 of it covers the right half of his face. As far as wardrobe his usual attire is a full leather suit. A full length coat that splits at the legs, he ties the loose ends just above his knees. As well he wears two shoulder guards and two straps in front and back that criss-cross at the upper torso. He carries his sword, Souba, on his back. To complete the outfit he has simple leather boots, pants, and gloves.
Stronger than he looks, and implausibly good with a sword. Kadaj displays excellent swordsmanship ability, being able to handle Souba (a double-bladed katana) with little effort. Can jump very high and fall from great distances without harm. As well, he can effectively take on multiple opponents during battle. He is also gifted with extreme agility, often giving him an advantage. Jenova communicates with her children in a vague, semi-telepathic way, and Kadaj is the best among his brothers at figuring out what she's trying to say.</a>
Considered selfish and childish; prone to malicious outbursts and small bouts of instability that may cause poor judgment. The only person/ thing he'll listen to is Mother. He'd do anything for her (including giving his life). He is burdened with the desperate desire to please Mother which weighs heavily on his mind and causes extreme emotional outbursts.
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